The history

The year was 1986 (and it looks like yesterday …); a group of friends was tasting wines and food, talking about this and that…

There were several years that the “Compagnia dei Vignaioli” was founded: a kind of “good taste academy”, a confraternity born with the aim of promoting the quality of Langhe products, the wine, great glory of La Morra, and the typical local food products.
Beppe, Giorgio and Michele, the most regular frequenters of the Academy, specialists in the field of typical products; Carletto, a passionate food&beverage journalist, Massimo Bruno, Giovanni, Federico, Aurelio, closely related to the wine field. One evening Carletto proposed: – Why don’t we organize a walk throughout the vineyards offering wine and food? … – Not bad as idea – answered the others, even though with some doubts… and so it happened that a night between January and February, a period of calm and lethargy, the idea of the walk originated, with the name of MANGIALONGA. Carletto provided the logo, a funny little man that holds sausages and a bottle of wine … everyone else was suddenly involved in the drawing up of the executive program: spread departures and welcoming stages trough the vineyards itinerary, combining food and great wines of La Morra.

For 35 years and 35 editions of MANGIALONGA we have been leading and organizing the event even though there has been a gradually transition to younger collaborators: Paolo, Bruno, Paolino, Nicola and … many others!

Over the years the event has been “copied” by vigneron from Burgundy, Vaud and Valais, Loire, Champagne, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Alsace, Black Forest, Montà-Canale! This is how the “Brotherhood of the Mangialonga” was born with enological exchanges on the various paths, in the spirit of competition and friendship.

MANGIALONGA 2023: 25 August 2024 (always on the last Sunday of August) with exciting and unique proposals.
Many are those who, year after year, reconfirm the reservation and many are the new entries (from all over the world) to highlight the importance of the territory, unique, rare and welcoming ….


Massimo Martinelli


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